Womens Self Defence

For more info please visit Houston of Krav Maga Edinburgh demonstrates some simple self defence techniques which are easy to learn and applicable. In particular this video details methods of dealing with wrist grabs and controls. You have to consider in order to learn a technique and make it effective under stress and perhaps the effects of alcohol you need to put in a lot of repetition. If we are being honest most people will not do this so we need simple and effective self defence.

Develop effective strikes and think about speed as opposed to power. Think about trying to verbally de-escalate all situations and run and exit when you can. Consider how your clothing prevent you running away or infact using certain strikes. Kicking be out if you are in a skirt or running is out if you are in heels.

If someone grabs you and attempts to drag you away drop your weight and then try and counter strike. If they grab one of your hands strike with the other. If they grab with both then knee or kick, scream, bite, spit. All you need to do is create a quick gap so that you can hit and escape. Or hit and continue hitting until you feel safe..