Womens Self Defence

self-defense video would you do if you were followed by someone? Whether you are a man or a woman, you should pay close attention to the self-defense tips shared in this video.

If you feel someone is following you, you should immediately turn around to face him. You’re better off turning around and face your “problem” immediately before it’s too late. Those few extra seconds could save your life.

With these extra seconds, you have the time to see an incoming attack rather than getting ambushed by your attacker. Also, by facing your potential attacker you get the chance to strike him back with more ease. You should be prepared to fight back with all you’ve got!

If you go with strikes; make them count! Hit your attacker with solid palm strikes, low kicks and other effective punches to terminate the threat.

If you can, try to escape and yell out loud “help”… that can be a deterrent for your stalker.

We hope that you enjoyed these women self-defense tips.

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