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Military-Grade Combatives
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Real World Self Defense is a common-sense fusion of martial survival tactics and military-grade combatives. This is not ‘self defense’ in the over-popularized sense. Likewise, it is not a martial ‘art’. This Self Defense system is based on real-world military functioning on the principles of natural body dynamics, is a viable defense option for ordinary citizens of every size and gender as well as seasoned combat troops in the field. of mysticism and unnecessary rituals found in so many other inflexible styles, this system is a fluid combination of Muay Thai (strikes), Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (grappling), and Krav Maga (military tactics) that can be learned by anyone with a will to Live.

“Training Women and Men how to Protect that which matters most — Life.”

We take the greatest care to train at the pace that our students desire, being particularly careful to ensure that both women and men are comfortable with the instructor they are being tutored by.

One does not have to be young or an athlete to glean exceptional skill from our classes. Some of our most successful students are people in excess of sixty years of age who learned that the proper application of mental fortitude and explosive energy are often enough to execute the most effective of defensive maneuvers. We do instruct and encourage overall physical fitness to increase endurance, agility, limberness, and strength.

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