Womens Self Defence

This video is part of a social experiment we are conducting. to my channel :

The purpose of this experiment is to test women’s ability to defend themselves against a dangerous attacker. We want to see how women react defensively to various attacks. Along the way, we will be giving you some tips on how to enhance your survival against different types of attacks such as (ground fighting, hair grabbing and even kidnapping attempts). You will learn how to escape, trap, strike, and counter attack.

Caro has volunteered to help us with our self-defense social experiment. In this video, Caro is mounted by a male attacker wanting to hurt her. If you are in this situation, how are you supposed to react? How can you incapacitate a strong opponent when he has mounted you and pinned your hands to the ground?

Unfortunately, you can’t use your knees or legs to defend, nor your head to strike back in this situation since he’s right on top of you and holding your arms tightly. So, what’s your other alternative? How could you escape?

If your attacker has pinned you down and mounted you, one great option is to perform a buck and roll to get your opponent off of you. Keep in mind that your knees should be bent upwards to do this. Once you’re on top of him, you must start striking him immediately. You can palm strike him or even fight back by giving your opponent a solid elbow. Once you have incapacitated him, you must escape as quickly as possible.

Caro did a great job doing exactly that! She bucked and rolled her attacker rapidly and successfully even if he was much stronger and heavier than her. Congrats to her for managing to escape the situation.

In another case scenario, let’s say your attacker has mounted you and is reaching towards your pants, wanting to rape you, how should you react to this? What should you do to defend yourself?

It’s the same concept as the previous scenario, only this time you immediately strike him once he has let go one of your hands, whether it be with your palm or your elbow.

Afterwards, you can use your hips to perform a buck and roll, to get your opponent off of you. Once you manage to do that, you get out as fast as you can!

We hope you enjoyed the first video of this women’s self-defense video series.

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