Real Self Defence

Today we talk about an important topic…the difference between Self-Defense and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). to my channel :

Many people think that MMA is a form of self-defense. The answer to this affirmation is “Yes and No”.

“Yes”, because practicing MMA is very practical to learn how to fight and deal with an opponent. There are many aspects of fighting that can be learned through MMA such as: grappling, footwork, throwing proper strikes, feeling and redirecting your opponent’s energy, etc. All of these skills can certainly be helpful in the streets.

“No”, because MMA is completely different than self-defense. When practicing mixed martial arts, you train in a safe and controlled environment. You don’t need to worry about a second attacker jumping in the fight and stomping you. Furthermore, you can tap out of the fight at any moment and can control your breathing and strikes while sparring without having to fear your opponent.

In fact, the difference between self-defense and MMA is huge. For instance, you don’t want to go to the ground with a knife attacker on the streets; it’s way too dangerous! There are also psychological differences between a life threatening situation and controlled fighting. It’s clearly much different to face an attacker in the streets who wants to kill you, than a training partner in a ring.

MMA is great to learn the principles of fighting but learning self-defense is really what will keep you safe in the streets. Remember that there are literally no rules in the streets and you need to train accordingly.

We love MMA and definitely think that it should be part of your training for everything it brings (footwork skills, speed, timing and coordination, etc.). By practicing it, you will acquire many useful fighting skills.

Your are always appreciated.
Stay Safe & Stand Strong,
Nick Drossos.