Real Self Defence

HowToKravMaga in this video demonstrates SanShinKan Practical Self Defense. The SanShin-Kan Practical Self-Defense system provides practical and simple self defense tools that can be learned by everyone. SanShin Kan is very similar to Krav Maga, both in its mentality and in its various moves and techniques of defense.
The Method was established by Soke Tamas Weber as a result of tracking the deep knowledge and vast experience he accumulated in close combat fighting during war as a commander in the Foreign Legion. He is 10th Dan in Karate, holds the title of “Kancho”, currently ranked as brigadier general in the Swedish military reserve army and was honored to receive few bravery medals for his achievements.
The founder is well recognized as one of the Europe’s premier close combat experts and he has trained Police and Armed Forces in close combat and self-defense in various countries e.g. USA, Canada, France, Turkey and Israel.
The female demonstrating the system is a 4th degree black belt in Karate and a second degree black belt in SanShin-Kan Practical Self Defense. She has also learned and the full Military Israeli Krav Maga have started studying the system SanShin-Kan Practical Self Defense in addition to our Krav Maga, Taekwondo and Jujitsu training.

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