Womens Self Defence

We hope all of you enjoyed our women’s self defense segment. We enjoyed helping numerous women learn tricks on how to defend themselves if ever they are in an unfortunate situation.

Although many of the women we had as volunteers were slightly scared in the beginning, they still wanted to learn to defend themselves, which is great! If your first instinct is to be afraid, it’s completely normal. However, just because you are afraid doesn’t mean you cannot protect yourself in a fight against an attacker. We noticed that all of them women, deep down inside, wanted to learn how they could defend themselves, even just by learning a few tricks. Because when you know how to defend yourself against an opponent, you have this sense of security.

Remember, that you should always be aware, trust your instincts, and try to not put yourself in a position where harm can come to you. If you do end up in a situation where someone wants to hurt you, you can use many of the tricks we have shown you in these videos. Most importantly, trust your intuition! If it’s telling you to diffuse, or to avoid, do it!

Of course, keep in mind that a lot of it is mental; when you believe you can fight off and opponent and get out alive, you’re already half way there. If you don’t believe you can defend yourself against an attacker, your first instinct will be to turn around, double over, and be a victim. You don’t want that. You have to believe in yourself, in your capabilities, and also that you will manage to get out alive!

We really hope you enjoyed this women self defense series! Please share it with your loved ones, your mothers, your sisters, your wives.

Remember, that knowing even a few tricks can help you get out alive if ever you find yourself being attacked by someone wanting to fatally harm you.

Here ‘s a great book to learn more on fear management:
video from this series:

Nick Drossos and the team