Real Self Defence

HowToKravMaga Practical Self Defense – Real Situation Demonstration Series – Midnight break in to your house
We (HowToKravMaga) have made a practical self defense demonstration video, showing how practical self defense can be applied in real situations. There is a big difference between training practical self defense (Krav Maga, or SanShinKhan) and actually applying it in a real situation.
In this situation, you hear a noise coming from a downstairs room. You walk down and see a robber that has just broken into your house. You should call the police immediately. In the case that he attacks you and you engage in combat. Approach him as if he is armed. In most cases if he is armed he will draw his weapon immediately.
DO NOT wait for him to attack. You must attack him with full force using punches and kicks. After he is winded and injured, try and put him into a pin or lock which will in most cases end the fight. You break limbs, and joints.
He is considered a level three threat:
HowToKravMaga Three Threat Level Video: this move is for defensive purposes only. Do not try this unless you’re properly trained, or have proper supervision. for updates on new videos by HowToKravMaga!
Understand how to use self defense in real situations
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