Real Self Defence

Practical Self Defense: Real Situation Demonstration Series – A Mugger on the Street Threatens You with a Knife and Demands Your Wallet
We (HowToKravMaga) have made a practical self defense demonstration video, showing how practical self defense can be applied in real situations. There is a big difference between training practical self defense (Krav Maga, or SanShinKhan) and actually applying it in a real situation.

In this situation, it is night time you are walking down the street and a mugger comes up to you and threatens you with a knife. He demands your wallet. He either continues to point the knife at you, or decides to lunge forward with the knife and attack.

When the attacker has a knife, then demands from you cash or your wallet, YOU MUST GIVE HIM WHAT EVER HE WANTS.Vocally distract him, when you know that you are in a ‘sure position’ to grab his wrist holding the knife, quickly disarm the attacker. You must FIST DISARM THE ATTACKER and only then, physically pin him down, knock him out, break his limbs, or lockout his joints.

He is considered a level three threat:
HowToKravMaga Three Threat Level Video: this move is for defensive purposes only. Do not try this unless you’re properly trained, or have proper supervision. for updates on new videos by HowToKravMaga!.