Womens Self Defence

Recently in Utah two women have been violently attacked on trails and assaulted…one was left for dead. In light of those events we’ve decided to show some basic defensive tactics on the fly. This was very spontaneous and impromptu. We are holding seminars. Please visit our for more information.
OPSGEAR and The Urban Warfare Center Founder, Jager presents TACTICAL TIPS are just some techniques and methods that he has used over the years. Many people have asked for these videos for long time so each week we produce a few. There are many other techniques that are also effective. We are doing this to try and help people break contact and get out of dangerous situations.
OPSGEAR sells top of the line head-to-toe tactical gear. Check out our at Urban Warfare Center is training facility where thousands of military and law enforcement has trained for active shooters. We use force-on-force training while attacking the five physical senses. Additionally, we offer team building and hold Defensive Handgun and Defensive Carbine courses. If you’d like more information
please visit.