Real Self Defence

Goju is: The art of knowing how, where, why and when to fight or not to fight. Knowing whether or not you can win and get away with it, defending your body, family, property, dignity, integrity, self-esteem, reputation, and country in the process. The ability to withstand both mental and physical pain, when coupled with extremely effective combat techniques, makes Goju the most realistic and potentially dangerous system in the world.

ABOUT THE (real name, Danny Gwira) is the Founder and Chief Instructor of the survival systems African Goju and South American Goju, and the dance exercise Gojurobics. He started his combat training with boxing and fencing in 1962 in the UK. He continued with Judo, Jujitsu, Tae-kwondo, Shotokan, Chinese Goju, Kempo, Kyokushinkai and Wadoryu. He became a professor of Martial Arts Education in 1987, after studying at the University of Martial Arts and Science in the USA under the tutelage of Grandmaster Ron Van Clief. He is the owner of the Martial Arts Institute and He is also a songwriter and the of by and available on Amazon. He is single and lives in Ireland but travels extensively spreading his art form around the world.

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