Real Self Defence

Our Self-defense training is a street based combat self-defense system developed for real world life and death situations. It is focused solely on maximum self-protection, and the protection of others.

Are you currently learning martial arts like taekwondo, krav maga, jiu jitsu, karate, kickboxing, kung fu, or mma training?

Ascendancy Self-Defense has psychological, defensive, and full on offensive tactics and techniques. Unlike most martial arts listed above, Ascendancy features;

– Techniques developed on the street where concrete is the primary surface!

– Close quarters combat for environments where escape is not possible!

– Defensive and offensive techniques & tactics to protect self and others!

– Fast paced lessons that teach in minutes rather than hours!

As a series of Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced video lessons, students are introduced to all types of response scenarios.

Escaping real life attacks, awareness, aggression, and using intimidation tactics are all introduced at specific points throughout the series.

But when the attacker cannot be talked to, or intimidated, and has displayed an intent to hurt you for life or even take your life, Ascendancys core training is designed to give you a fighting chance in real-life confrontations.

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