Womens Self Defence

If I grabbed your shoulder right now… what would you do to get away?

Or grabbed your wrist? Or your hair?

Would you know exactly what to do at that moment?

You will be very surprised how easy it is to learn how to be prepared. This is not a child or teen ninja program. It is just amazingly solid common sense that really works… and it is our gift to you.


The app is completely it here: Parker teams up with self defense experts Johnny and Noel Gyro to offer life saving tips for women.

-Use common sense
-Be aware of your surroundings
-Listen to your instincts

Lu demonstrates both common mistakes and proper techniques for getting out of a wrist grab and choke hold. The techniques shown are taken from Live To Tell About It, a self-defense DVD designed especially for women and teens.

In the United States, one violent crime occurs every 22.8 seconds. Learn how to escape from attackers, empower yourself, and fight back!

5th degree black belt Noel Gyro has teamed up with her husband (and 7-time World Karate champion) Ninth Degree Black Belt Johnny Gyro to create a self-defense iPhone and iPad App designed strictly for women. Consider some of the many benefits of their “Live To Tell About It” self-defense iPhone and iPad App

* What to do before, during, and after an attack.
* Realistic simulations of self-defense scenarios.
* Easy to follow step-by-step instructions.
* How to defend against choke-holds, arm grabs, knives, and other attacks
* on women’s self-defense from experts in law enforcement and psychiatry.
* Stop unwelcome advances, physical assault, abduction, domestic violence and more…
* Gain confidence and empower yourself.
* No martial arts experience required.
* by a woman for women.

Please give your loved ones the gift of their lives…before it is too IPHONE AND IPAD APPS FOR WOMEN’S SELF DEFENSE AND BULLIES

Live To Tell About It App – Women’s self defense app with simple video lessons that are fun to learn and easy to practice and it could very well save your life. the app right now and take a look. We know that if you try to practice just one technique on this app that you will really enjoy it.

Why are we doing this? Because all of us were victims of a violent crime earlier in our lives. All three of us endured and the experience made us stronger. And this is our payback… we only want to arm you with the right information so that God forbid you are confronted, you know what to do at Crime Scene #1 so you are NEVER taken to Crime Scene THE LIVE TO TELL ABOUT IT APP FOR IPHONE AND IPAD SECOND APP IS BULLY 911.
Our second app is Bully 911. This app is a comprehensive app that teaches children exactly what to do when their words don’t work and running away is not an option. Many parents would like to hope that their sagely advice will keep a child from being beaten up at or around school or other locations. This just is not the case, and it should most definitely NOT BE THE CASE. There is no excuse for bullying..

But equally… there should be NO EXCUSE FOR NOT LEARNING HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF. Our app Bully 911 for iPad and iPhone teaches you exactly what to do.

Ask your child right now…. what do they do if a stranger or a bully grabs their arm, or grabs them by the collar? Do they know what to do? Prove it. Try it right now.

This app is fun to use with your kids because the moves are easy to learn and easy to practice. Ask yourself…. if your child is in a headlock, do you really want him to be punched in the face by a bully? Or do you want him to know immediately how to twist out of a headlock and get away safely?

The app is completely an to us at if you would like to contact Johnny or Noel Gyro for a speaking engagement. Or call us at 818 788-9700 x1 They will come to your organization and discuss many tiered solutions to the bully problems that are plaguing our schools and social.