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Cobra Active Shooter Cobra Self Defense program was created by a law Enforcement officer and life time martial artist Chris Sutton. Cobra self-defense is one of the fastest growing programs in the world because of it’s effectiveness, not to mention it’s easy to learn. Cobra is instructed in facilities and training centers worldwide and now by popular demand Cobra Self-Defense can be taken via our online Self-Defense School. Nothing replaces hands on training however out comprehensive online school gives you inside the class everything you could want in a complete self-defense education. has over 100 training videos, training manuals, bonus material, self-defense myth busting, the psychology of self-defense and much more.

To start your online self-defense training program or for a refresher course please go to become a certified cobra instructor please defense is the preferred reality based self-defense program for today’s world. Find a school or start your online self-defense training today.
Chris Sutton’s Kickboxing, Martial Arts and Self-Defense headquarters in Clearwater Florida. We also serve the surrounding areas offering Self-Defense, Martial Arts, Karate, Child Safety classes, Cobra-Defense Academy, After school Martial Arts, Adult Mixed Martial Arts , Boxing, Kickboxing and the Ultimate body Shaping, UBC Course to:
We service Kickboxing class, self-defense and Martial arts classes in Oldsmar, Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor, Largo, Tarpon Springs, Saint Petersburg, Bellair, Pinellas County, Pasco County and the Tampa Bay area. We now offer concealed weapons classes with our self-defense program.
In a new twist on fighting to survive in these rough times, a new licensed self-defense organization says its program can train an average person in good health to be able to launch and operate a lucrative self-defense business as an Executive Self-Defense Trainer. Since 2003, Cobra-Defense in Clearwater, FL has been serving the Tampa Bay area by providing a certified self-defense program designed like a ten-week Police Academy.

The founder of Cobra-Defense, Chris Sutton, is a former Largo, FL Police Officer, Pinellas County Sheriff, Maximum Security Corrections Officer, and 4th Degree Black Belt and Joe Lewis Black Belt. Sutton says that nearly 2,000 men, women, and children have graduated his program and many have become instructors, Sutton says, “The program’s effectiveness is in its simplicity. We have a proven structure that transforms a student from a place of naive ignorance to highly aware and prepared.”

Sutton is now expanding his program to adults seeking not just to learn the Cobra-Defense system but to make it their business. The first Cobra-Defense Certification Program launches 5th at his school in Clearwater, FL. Over 20 people have registered with more signing on each day.
Activities we specialize in include Self-Defense home study kits, boxing , martial arts, mma, kickboxing weight loss , karate, ground fighting, kids bully buster classes, cardio kickboxing , body shaping, kids fitness and after school martial arts.
Learn how to fight in Clearwater, self-defense seminars in Clearwater, body guard services in Tampa, Self defense home study kit, self defense home study course and learn self defense at home.
Chris Sutton’s Martial Arts, kickboxing and Self-defense classes are not only offered in Clearwater , St.Pete, Largo , Tampa and Oldsmar. A new location opened in Tarpon Springs ,Florida and offers an identical schedule of kickboxing, boxing, martial arts, fitness ,self-defense and after school martial arts.
Chris Sutton’s kickboxing, martial arts and self defense classes are offered not only in the Tampa Bay area but now worldwide. Cobra Self-Defense classes are offered on New York, New Jersey, Texas, New Mexico. Georgia, Illinois, Massachusetts, Oregon, California and many other states. Chris Sutton Kickboxing and boxing classes know as the best around as he is a Black Belt under world Champion Kickboxing legends Joe Lewis and Jim Graden..