Womens Self Defence

On the evening of 14, 2015, a robbery and abduction at an ATM in Arlington, Texas was on video. Fortunately the woman was found unharmed. It could have been much worse…

While it is important to refrain from blaming the victim, see if you can identify the self-defense behaviors that could have prevented the success of the crime.

Brutal Barb Women’s Self-Defense provides ongoing self-defense training to improve awareness, better enable avoidance, de-escalation techniques, and techniques for fighting back.

Multiple studies have found that women who do participate in womens self-defense classes learn to become more assertive and better stand up for themselves, which helps make them less likely to be victimized. When women learn to recognize and avoid situations where there is risk for an assault, as well as how to stop coercive behavior before it escalates, they can better avoid a physical confrontation. If a physical confrontation does occur, women who have trained in self-defense techniques are far likely to escape, and to escape without injury..