Real Self Defence

Real Aikido is an authentic self-defence martial art, which is extremely efficient and applicable in every-day, realistic situations.

The founder of Real Aikido is Grand Master Ljubomir Vracarevic, SOKE, black belt 10th Dan, who has isolated several hundred techniques from traditional Aikido, reformed them, and excluded elements of the Japanese tradition, putting emphasis on applicable value of every single technique. By means of introducing his personal knowledge acquired from other martial arts, he has created a defensive, extremely flexible system of self-defence techniques of the following basic characteristics: speed and timely reaction, continuity in execution of a technique and absolute final control over an attacker, by means of specific bars.

Flexibility of the techniques, which enables individuals to adjust their execution to their physical constitution and current situation, results in maximum efficiency of application of Real Aikido. Even though easily denied and disputed in its home country, value of Real Aikido got internationally recognized when its founder, Grand Master Vracarevic got elected to the Hall of Fame, which honours outstanding athletes at the international level.

There is no age limit to Real Aikido practice. It can be practiced in form of recreation of adults, it has positive influence on development of psychophysical and motor skills in children and due to its specific qualities Real Aikido is particularly suitable for bodyguard and special army and military units training. In regard to this domain, Grand Master Vracarevic has achieved exceptional results outside his country’s borders — he trained bodyguards of Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, of Libya’s President Muammar Gaddafi, he trained the Russian Police special units “Alpha” and “Cobra”, as well as bodyguards of presidents of Kazakhstan and Macedonia, and head officials of the Serb Republic and Slovenia.

Since 2003, Real Aikido has been the first and the only internationally recognised Serbian martial art.